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warmly - smart heating mat with nano coating

warmly - smart heating mat with nano coating

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warmly - smart heating mat with nano coating

Regular price $ 99.95
Sale price $ 99.95 Regular price $ 149.95
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Transform Your Dining Experience

  • Maintains the ideal temperature, so that every meal is as delightful as the first taste
  • The revolutionary nano-coating allows for easy cleaning with a simple wipe
  • The foldable design ensures convenience and saves space
  • Perfect for families with different meal times (keeps food toasty for 6+ hours)
  • Rapid warming while prioritizing energy conservation. It features an automatic shut-off function when idle
  • Designed with your family's well-being in mind, there's no radiation emitted, making it perfectly safe even for children during mealtime

One Warm Meal at a Time - Bringing Family Closer

Designed to improve the dining experience, it ensures that every dish served is as warm as the smiles around your table. It keeps the temperature just right, letting you prioritize what truly matters – quality time with your loved ones.

Foldable Warming Tray

Preserve the Taste of Your Dishes

Maintain the delicious taste of your meals for hours. Our graph shows the impressive heat retention of warmly, guaranteeing that your dishes remain both warm and flavorful.

No more reheated, tasteless food – just delicious, warm meals every time.

Overheating Protection Built-in 

Keep it running for hours, providing your family with the convenience of enjoying warm meals while ensuring safety.

Feel the Nano-Coating Difference

The world's first nano-coated food warmer. As a result of the nano-coating, the surface is nonstick and easy to clean.

It increases durability, protecting against scratches and wear. Additionally, it prevents the accumulation of food particles and bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Warmly keep food warm?
Warmly designed to keep your food warm for 6 hours before turning off (safety feature). turn it back on with a simple press of a button & enjoy another 6 hours of heated dishes

Is Warnly easy to clean?
Cleaning is a breeze with its advanced nano-coating. The cutting-edge surface treatment prevents sticking, making it incredibly easy to wipe off spills, melted cheese, or sauce drips with a damp cloth. Enjoy more time savoring meals and less time scrubbing dishes.

Can be used for all types of dishes & tableware?
Sure! Warmly is versatile, and suitable for various dishes—appetizers, main courses, desserts. Its adjustable temperature setting keeps each dish at its ideal warmth. Designed to complement different tableware materials like metal, ceramic, glass, and enamel, our buffet food warmers enhance versatility, seamlessly adapting to your dining preferences.

Is it safe to leave Warmly on for extended periods?
Safety is our utmost priority. Warmly features automatic temperature control to prevent overheating. Yet, like any heating device, it's advisable to monitor its use and avoid leaving it unattended for extended periods.

The Warmly mat, measuring 15 x 24 in (38 x 61 cm), offers ample space for up to six plates. For larger gatherings (more than 4 people) or bigger tables, consider getting two or three units to ensure everyone enjoys warm meals, regardless of the gathering or table size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nancy K.
It's always nice to have hot food!

This is a very interesting product. I am a big fan of keeping warm food warm when entertaining and this mat definitely delivers. The controls are pretty straight forward and it warms up very quickly. I took temperature readings at baseline (just before plugging in) and every 5 minutes after turning it on followed by increasing the temp settings on the mat. As the pictures show, it only took about 5 minutes for the mat to reach a toasty level. The 3 temp settings (low/med/high) allowed me to both keep food warm and then lower the heat level, so the food was not roasted. I did NOT put dishes on this straight from the oven onto the mat, as I'm a bit nervous about ruining it. The mat kept the food warm for as long as I wanted. I also used this mat as a plate warmer in preparation for serving food.

Amanda P.

I got this to use around the holidays and it works great! The mat is very durable with a bunch of lil suction cups on the bottom. Once placed on the counter it does not move. We used this on Thanksgiving and it stayed warm the whole time. All the food stayed warm. I was amazed at how well it worked. The controls are touch. So you just tap your finger on the power button and then select your temperature. It has 3 different settings. It heats up within minutes. We will definitely be using this again at Christmas.

Tim L.

This is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you had it. As winter closes in, and as the hard stone of your kitchen countertop gets colder and colder, you first move on to rubber pads and then you'll discover this, the electric warming tray. No more meals going cold before you even have a chance to eat them

Angelica H.
Super easy to clean...

This is such a great way to keep food warm for the holidays! I love hosting festive events (with yummy foods), and will use this warming tray often.

Shanta H.

I like this heating pad. It came in handy this thanksgiving. The quality is great. It keeps the food warm. The performance is great.