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BedVac® UV Handheld Vacuum

BedVac® UV Handheld Vacuum

Regular price $ 87.00 USD
Sale price $ 87.00 USD Regular price $ 170.00 USD
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BedVac® UV Handheld Vacuum

Regular price $ 87.00
Sale price $ 87.00 Regular price $ 170.00
SAVE 48% Sold out

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Did you know that the average bed hosts 1.5 million dust mites?

Millions of dust mites live in mattresses where they feed on dead skin cells! Shockingly, they comprise around 10% of the weight of a pillow that is two years old.

Without realizing it, we breathe allergens all night, blocking our respiratory highways and leading to symptoms like snoring, dry throat, brain fog, itchy skin and eyes, poor sleep, low energy, and lethargy.

  • BedVac is a life-changer that'll have you wondering how you ever lived without it

Eliminate allergens and pollutants from your space!

BedVac's revolutionary mechanism almost eradicates allergy-causing biological pollutants from their roots by ripping apart the tiny molecules that constitute these allergens.

  • It kills dust mites, germs, insects, mold, and viruses

Wake up feeling great!

BedVac® helps you unlock the secrets of energized mornings and rejuvenation by deep cleaning your bed, so you can receive the benefits of deep sleep!

  • Removes bad odors

Dust mites cause poor sleep in kids and adults

A review of 71 studies found that allergic rhinitis, often caused by dust mites, leads to bad sleep and insomnia.

The Sleep Foundation reports that up to 43% of people have allergic rhinitis, which causes stuffy noses, snoring, and daytime tiredness​.

  • Reduces coughing and congestion

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Minerva P.
Phenomenal Bed Vacuum!!

This is a perfect bed vacuum for cleaning your beddings if you have dogs or cats. I have so much dog hair and cat hair in my beds and this thing works great. It also is perfect size to pack for traveling to clean the hotel beds.

Mary S.
Works like a charm.

Decided to bite the bullet and pay for this one. Works amazingly. Suction is strong and even works if surface isn’t completely flat.

Jane L.
Highly recommended.

This vacuum is going to leave you with your mouth open. Like, why didn’t I get this tool years ago? I have 2 dogs. Both love to sleep on the furniture and beds.

Edith G.
I really like this vacuum!

We bought it bc we are still battling bed bugs in places other than our bedroom. The suction is great and it did suck up a lot of yuck from the couches and chairs I used it on so far. I like the safety feature that makes the UV light go off , but I wish there was a way to keep it on when going over arms of furniture.

Lara F.
Powerful tool, good investment for me

This Bed vacuum is a powerful and efficient tool for maintaining a clean and hygienic home. The UV-C light effectively removes dust, allergens, and kills bacteria.