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Sweevly® - Split Ends Trimmer

Sweevly® - Split Ends Trimmer

Regular price $ 44.97 USD
Sale price $ 44.97 USD Regular price $ 104.00 USD
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Sweevly® - Split Ends Trimmer

Regular price $ 44.97
Sale price $ 44.97 Regular price $ 104.00
SAVE 56% Sold out

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Silky, smooth hair has never been this easy!

The Split Ends Trimmer is a lifelong companion that delivers silky, smooth hair all without breaking the bank. It targets damaged hair ends, preserving your locks' length and volume for a flawless appearance.

  • Simply glide it through your hair for a sleek & polished mane

No length goes

Our Split Ends Trimmer ensures when run through the hair, just the ends get snipped. So it won't take length out of your hair.

  • Saves time & money on salons

How it works

The Split Ends has been designed to trim away split-ends, dry, and damaged hair while preserving beautiful, long, healthy hair. It can take hours for a professional stylist to trim your split-ends and maintain your style but our Split-Ends Trimmer does it all, in just a few minutes.

  • Cordless (rechargeable)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mellisa A.
Works great!

I haven't had a proper haircut since 2 months postpartum (over a year ago), so I had a lot of growth since then! It was finally time for a proper trim. This is perfect because I wanted to keep the length, whilst getting rid of all the nasty, crusty dead ends. This is well worth the money and investment. It's cheaper to buy this than going to the hair salon every couple of months in the long run.

Debra L.
Great little gadget that gets the job done!

It revived my hair without compromising on length.

Alicia L.

Definitely great product!!!! I don’t want to trim my hair because I just don’t. And I have A LOT of split ends lol. It makes my hair look more frizzy and more dead and everything. After using it on the left side it FEELS and LOOKS way better. I definitely recommend!

Harriet F.
Easy to use. Worth the price. Love it!

I did tons of research on this before I decided to get it, I’m not disappointed at all! It made my hair so soft and I have so many people asking me about it.

Gertrude J.

I absolutely love this product. I've used it once after not cutting my hair for a year and let me tell you, there were split ends. I couldn't put my hand through my hair! It's been 4 days since I used this and my hair is noticeably better! It's silky, it doesn't get caught on my hand/brush and I haven't lost any length or found an uneven patch! 10/10