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sweevly safety razor

sweevly safety razor

Regular price $ 32.95 USD
Sale price $ 32.95 USD Regular price $ 49.95 USD
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sweevly safety razor

Regular price $ 32.95
Sale price $ 32.95 Regular price $ 49.95
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treat yourself & your skin to a flawless shave!

Standard razors’ multiple blades repeatedly passing over the same area of skin is harsh on it and inevitably makes your skin inflamed & irritated.

Sweevly safety razor features a single-blade design that makes direct contact with the skin, allowing you to cut the hair extremely close to the skin’s surface, which ensures a smooth, 4x more effective shaving experience, without any irritation or redness.

  • unparalleled smoothness & precision

the safest way to shave

The edges of the blade are covered with a safety bar & it is fixed to a limited angle, ensuring that only a tiny portion of the edge comes in contact with the skin & making it impossible to cut in.

  • prevents irritation & ingrown hairs

silky smooth skin every time without inflammation

  • Guarded blade edge eliminates the risk of injury or inflammation
  • Single blade prevents ingrown hairs, irritation & redness
  • Weighted handle for maximum control & a balanced feel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lilian O.
Best Shave Ever.. so far..

I don't really do reviews, but I just felt my legs and was like "yes" I need to share my experience! I received this shaver and was hesitant to use it at first because of all of the reviews stating that there was a learning curve and to be careful, so I was pretty scared at first, but it turned out to be quite easy. I just kept my hand steady and went slow. I shaved everything, my legs, my private areas (everything😉) and my underarms. I have to say so far that it is the best shave I've ever experienced. My skin is soooo soft! I did use a scrub before and after and used jojoba oil to condition the skin.

Jacqueline P.
Great for sensitive skin

Super easy, haven’t cut myself once, and works on my sensitive skin. No more ingrown.

Tisha F.
Easily 5 stars

I was a little nervous before I tried this razor out, but I’m pleasantly surprised. It has a sturdy handle that gives me a good grip and it glides like butter. I didn’t have to apply any pressure at all, which was nice. After the first pass I questioned if it had shaved anything at all because the feeling was different than that of the traditional disposable I’m used to, but sure enough, completely smooth!

Eunice P.

Great blade, shaves so smoothly. Has a beautiful color! Comes with many blades.

Heather L.
Five stars!

Love love love… this was a game changer. Felt a little weird use it for the first time because I for sure thought my legs weren’t being shaved properly BUT I was wrong. 10/10!