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Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock

Regular price $ 79.99 USD
Sale price $ 79.99 USD Regular price $ 143.99 USD
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Fingerprint Door Lock

Regular price $ 79.99
Sale price $ 79.99 Regular price $ 143.99
SAVE 44% Sold out

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the future of securing your belongings is here

A fingerprint door lock is a simple and elegant solution for keeping rooms secured inside a home or office. They provide an easy way for residents to ensure their internal doors are locked. No more getting keys cut, or having to change the locks when one occupant goes out and loses their set of keys.

These locks not only ensure safety, but they also prevent somebody from being locked out of their home for silly reasons!

  • Remote Access via Mobile App: Manage your locks from anywhere

benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks

Fingerprint locks have several advantages over standard door locks. The main one is that you can’t lose your keys, and with the option to add your fingerprint, you don’t need to get more keys cut for extra users.

  • Passcode entry option: for backup or guests

seamless security at your fingertips

Control access from anywhere using the intuitive mobile app. Share temporary passcodes and monitor entry logs for ultimate peace of mind.

They make life easier for homeowners, landlords, and business owners too. These door locks aren’t only practical, they are extremely stylish too! Enhance the interior of your property with these sleek-looking door handles.

  • Easy to install - no special skills are needed
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gary T.

I like it how you can control the lock from your phone anywhere easy to setup very happy highly recommended

Sonia K.
AWESOME fingerprint door lock

We recently decided to start taking steps to convert our house to a SMART HOME. We have already installed intelligent security systems, lighting and heating systems, smart appliances and now we are going to replace the door locks for intelligent locks. After making an extensive research and read 100’s of reviews we decided to purchase this door lock, and it was a GREAT DECISION !The installation was super easy, and it works in different ways:- fingerprint reader-PIN passcode and-physical keys included ( as backup just in case)I love the function that is auto-locks after a few seconds, it offers me security. It has been working like a charm, besides the fact that it looks modern and stylish. I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase !!

Alice C.
Love it so far!

We've had it for maybe two weeks now and it works great!

Randi P.
Working well

This lock works well as it intends to do. It has all the functions I need. Especially the finger printer reader works well, which is very useful if you have small kids at home. They don't need to remember the code and can get home if the parents are not at home or upstairs. The quality looks sturdy and easy to install too.

Eric L.

Looks clean and the security lock in itself works really well.