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Emergency solar powered radio

Emergency solar powered radio

Regular price $ 57.00 USD
Sale price $ 57.00 USD Regular price $ 104.00 USD
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● Get notified of emergencies

● Works off the grid

● Comes with 4000mAh power bank

Emergency solar powered radio

Regular price $ 57.00
Sale price $ 57.00 Regular price $ 104.00
SAVE 45% Sold out

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No power, no light, cannot communicate with the outside world

When a difficult circumstance hits, your emergency radio should be up to the task. Whether you're out of service range or out of power, this emergency radio will provide the necessary resources to keep you safe.

These days, we use our smartphones, computers, and TVs to keep us aware of what’s going on around us. But if a storm knocks out the power grid, our everyday tech isn’t enough.

Everyone deserves to survive from a natural disaster

Get notified first for every weather alert in your area, and earn a critical time to prepare and save you and your family.

We hope to help more civilians to live through Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Winter Storm seasons, like "Harvey", "IAN", etc. We hope our emergency radio can give you some help to be well-prepared to face it.

  • Motion sensor and SOS alarm
  • USB output for charging portable devices
  • Extremely durable & waterproof
  • 4000mAh power bank (charges more than one smartphone)
  • Hand crank
  • 3-Modes flashlight
  • Compact & lightweight
  • AM, FM, and NOAA weather broadcasts along with a bright LED flashlight


  • Radiofrequency range: NOAA 162.400-162.550MH, FM 87-108MHz, AM 52-171KHz
  • Waterproof level: IPX3
  • Power capacity/voltage: 4000mAh/3.7V
  • Battery type: 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Weight: 13.4oz/0.38kg
  • Dimensions: 6.3x3.15x1.97in  (16x8x5cm)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gloria A.
a lot of useful features

I bought this to put into our emergency kit and decided to use it a few days to see how it works. Surprised me that it doesn’t take as much cranking as I anticipated to charge it. It also charged quickly in the sun

Tara J.
Portable and handy!

I live in hurricane country, so we frequently lose power. I bought this radio for those times when weather updates are important. I cranked it about 5 rotations and was pleasantly surprised how long the power lasts. I can't wait to try out the solar charger.

Javier A.
Good to have when power goes out

This solar/crank radio is great to have when the power goes out. It also has a bright light.

Rayan L.
Highly recommend!

I gave my family one of these. They came in very handy this past winter. Everyone lost their power from one to five days. Always keep it charged and it’s ready in handy for you. Also have one in my car for emergencies.

Judie S.
Great Flashlight

I use this flashlight all of the time. Its a great product. I bought it to have when the power goes out in the winter but I use it every night when I take my dog out. I haven't used the phone charger yet but I have a feeling I will this winter. I would absolutely recommend buying this product. It's better than I expected.