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Sweevly Flameless Candles - Set of 3

Sweevly Flameless Candles - Set of 3

Regular price $ 34.95 USD
Sale price $ 34.95 USD Regular price $ 54.95 USD
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🕯️No harmful chemicals

🕯️No messy wax

🕯️Look and feel like real candles

🕯️Remote controlled

🕯️No more replacements


Sweevly Flameless Candles - Set of 3

Regular price $ 34.95
Sale price $ 34.95 Regular price $ 54.95
SAVE 36% Sold out
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Coziness without the fuss

Enjoy the lovely ambiance of candlelight without having to worry about harmful chemicals. Sweevly candles are the ideal way to create a pleasant and tranquil mood in any space.

These flameless candles produce a stunningly lifelike, flickering glow that captures the essence of genuine candles, making them a great complement to your home decor, gatherings, or leisure routines.

No smoke, no replacements.

No more dripping wax, smoke, and the need for constant replacements. These candles are powered by long-lasting batteries, so you may enjoy mesmerizing illumination without interruptions.

Realistic flameless candles.

These candles have been precisely designed to resemble the dance of real flames, ensuring you get the same calming effect without any risks.

Safe everywhere.

Because of its flameless construction, you may use it safely around children and pets, making it a worry-free addition to any home. Furthermore, the lack of open flames makes it an environmentally responsible option!

frequently asked questions

What type of battery do they use?

Sweev;y candles use standard AA batteries.

Are they safe around kids and pets?

Yes. They're perfectly safe as they're flameless and emit no heat. The perfect alternative for traditional candles.

How big are they?

Sweevly candles are 4 inches, 5 inches, and 6 inches in height, and each one is 3 inches wide.

Is the remote control included?

Yes, each Sweevly set includes a remote control so you may conveniently adjust the brightness levels, making it easy to set the perfect mood.

Do they have a timer?

Yes, Sweevly candles offer a timer function, so you may set them to automatically turn off after a specific duration, such as 2, 4, 6, 8 hours. This feature helps conserve battery life.

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  • 42,000+ Happy customers

  • Energy-efficient

  • Safe around kids & pets

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Alicia U.
Buy them!

I bought these candles for a bridal shower I hosted. I wanted something to give the room a warm glow without the worry of it being a fire hazard. When I say everyone in the room thought they were real, I mean ALL 16 people thought they were real candles. Several people asked me for the link to purchase them. I may buy a few more to put in other rooms. They are beautiful, I’ve had them for about 4 months and they’re still great! I got both the ivory and gold color and they’re both beautiful. The flickering movement they have when on is what sold people into thinking they were real, when lit at night, it looks almost as if the wax is melting so it gives a very realistic effect. I would highly suggest! Also if you buy multiple sets, one remote seems to work with them all so I only need to use one remote for all the candles in the room!

Kathryn J.

I have two sets of these to use on my Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving table spread, but I use them year round as well. I love the cozy ambiance they give! Definitely make sure you are gentle with them, I accidentally broke one. I keep the boxes they come in for storage if I’m putting them away so they’re safe. Definitely recommend!

Patricia U.
Highly recommend these.

I wasn't sure I would like these candles, I was afraid they would look really fake. I was surprised at how much I liked them! They create such a beautiful ambiance to my home. I really like the convenience of the remote control too! I can just set them for a certain amount of time and forget about them. Something you definitely can't do with real candles :)

Sandra K.
Love them!

The candles are smaller than what I thought but they are beautiful! I bought the grey ones and the design of the tray I put them on reflects onto them when they are turned off. I have not noticed a difference in the candle and light mode. The light of the candle flickers the same in both modes, but that’s not a deal breaker since they are beautiful when lit up. The light is strong enough that it flickers in the ceiling. They are just what I was looking for!

Leslie J.
Great Candles

Bought these to put in the fireplace when it is not in use. They sit on a piece of wood on the grate. I have the timer to set to come on in the evening so I can watch the flickering lights as I'm winding down my day. They create a great flickering atmosphere in the fireplace behind the smoked glass insert. The timer works as expected. Regular batteries have last a month + with 2 hours of use nightly.