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Sweevly twisting disc

Sweevly twisting disc

Regular price $ 43.95 USD
Sale price $ 43.95 USD Regular price $ 83.95 USD
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Sweevly twisting disc

Regular price $ 43.95
Sale price $ 43.95 Regular price $ 83.95
SAVE 47% Sold out

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the all-in-one workout to help you burn calories from home

Watch TV or listen to music while enjoying this effective workout that can be done anywhere! Simply twist & turn for 10 minutes a day to burn hundreds of calories while enjoying every moment.

  • Easy, fun & effective

minimum effort, maximum results

Helps you sculpt your waistline, tone your abs, boost your overall fitness level, and achieve that hourglass figure you've always desired. Unlike other twist boards or discs, it is studded with 200-plus nodules, which stimulate specific meridian points on the soles of your feet to apply the benefits of acupressure.

  • 30 min = 2 Mile run

sweat 5X more & snatch your waist!

While focusing on your waist, our disc engages multiple muscle groups, helping you achieve a full-body workout to trim inches off your waist.

Total body tuning

Skip the crowded gyms and exercise in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, our twisting waist disc is adaptable to your skill level, allowing you to begin at your own pace and watch your progress skyrocket.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Harper B.
not going to gym anymore!

I saw this product all over my Facebook feed so i decided to try it .. i had my daughter 3 years ago and i am just now loosing all of my baby weight and instead of buying all new clothes i am trying to fit in all my old ones 😂. I really hope it works for you guys the way its working for me!

Amelia G.
Love it, is shrinking my waist.

This really works. Have already seen results in 3 weeks. Lost 1 inch around my waist.

Emma T.

Let me first say, I was skeptical. I have purchased so many products for weight loss lately, and spent so much money (without promised results). I started using it 30 minutes each evening! haven't missed one day since I started and I am gonna "keep on keepin' on!" I set Alexa with a 30 minute timer, turn on my True Crime shows and get to twistin'! If you're faithful with using this, it WILL work! I absolutely LOVE it! Best thing since sliced bread! 🤣

Olivia K.
Helps with my anxiety

I love to use it and I use it twice a day once in the am and once in the evening. 30minutes a time. It's fun helps with my anxiety. I'm really happy to start loosing inches off my waist! 👍

Aaliyah G.

Been using. My stomach has gotten flat and firm! Great product. Highly recommend!