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Sweevly™- intake nasal dilator

Sweevly™- intake nasal dilator

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Sale price $ 34.97 USD Regular price $ 60.00 USD
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● significantly enhances nasal airflow

● reduces snoring

● improves overall sleep quality

● increases oxygen intake

Sweevly™- intake nasal dilator

Regular price $ 34.97
Sale price $ 34.97 Regular price $ 60.00
SAVE 41% Sold out

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Opens your nose up to 100% more, providing better airflow

Intake breathing revolutionizes nasal breathing, offering unparalleled comfort and effectiveness, ensuring your nasal passages remain open, and providing optimal airflow for enhanced health and performance.

  • Maximizes recovery, lowers heart rate, and boosts oxygen absorption

Reduces snoring and improves oral health

Unlike traditional methods, Intake doesn't rely on adhesive strips that can irritate the skin. Instead, it uses a magnetic band that gently pulls outward on the nose, widening the airways without discomfort. Its skin-safe construction minimizes adhesive use, keeping your skin healthy and irritation-free.

  • The sweat-resistant feature ensures reliable adhesion, even during the most intense activities.

Super easy to use

  • Clean around your nostrils to prepare for the application
  • Stick the magnet patches with the provided applicator
  • Breathe comfortably and better than before

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The difference.


Found that Intake offered better relief from sleep disturbances such as snoring, nasal congestion and narrow nasal passages compared to average nasal strips.


noticed significant increase of nasal cavity volume and reduced airway resistance


improved sleep quality of patients with obstructive sleep apnea

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mike S.
It's like having a new nose

This Kit is a game-changer for anyone seeking improved breathing and better sleep quality. From the moment I tried these nasal strips, I was impressed by their effectiveness and ease of use. The kit includes everything you need to get started. One of the standout features of these nasal strips is their superior adhesive quality. They stay securely in place throughout the night, even for those who toss and turn. Unlike other nasal strips I've tried, these do not irritate my skin or leave any residue, making them comfortable to wear and easy to remove in the morning. I highly recommend giving it a try—you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

Geraldine P.
Instantly better!

I own an airway health center where we provide patient solutions to breathe better! Outside of actual medical procedures to open the airway we offer advice for things they can try on their own. That being said I have tried ALL the products and tapes and bands and straps that promote nasal breathing. Intake hands down is the most effective. As I try so many products, I rarely have wow moments but I did when I put on the magnets and band. Not only do I recommend to my patients but I personally switched over to using this nightly. Only hope is that someday they have lots of colors to choose from!

Lacey L.
Cannot exercise without them

I have been using them for over 2 months, and I truly cannot exercise without it! It has significantly improved my ability to maintain nose breathing throughout my workouts, particularly during heavier lifting sessions.

Jennifer K.
I can breathe so well!

I have pretty serious trouble nasal breathing and am looking forward to jaw surgery to make this better. In the interim I tried Breathe-Right nasal strips, which I really liked. I wore them 24/7 for nearly nine months. Then I got one of these. Holy cow.

Alex K.
An absolute game changer for exercise!

I typically do not leave reviews on any products, however I stumbled on Intake Breathing and it has completely changed my perspective on what a good breath is during exercise. In the past, I tried those breathe-right strips that you can find at most stores. However, those strips irritated my nose since the entire strip had to stick onto your nose to work efficiently. Any amount of sweat makes them fall right off. With Intake Breathing, the magnets hold the strip through any exercise or sweat. It’s also so much more comfortable since the middle part essentially just hovers over your nose instead of just being sticky all across. I also tried this while sleeping, and for those of you who enjoy sleep tracking and data, my sleep scores shot up from the increased breathing and I woke up feeling more rested. I highly recommend this product and will absolutely continue using this.