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Sweevly - Kids Cooking Set

Sweevly - Kids Cooking Set

Regular price $ 34.95 USD
Sale price $ 34.95 USD Regular price $ 69.95 USD
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Sweevly - Kids Cooking Set

Regular price $ 34.95
Sale price $ 34.95 Regular price $ 69.95
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Practice cooking in a safe & fun way

Teach your children to cook without having to worry about bloody kitchens or accidents use knives and different cutting tools to prepare delicious foods, knowing that your children can't damage themselves while using the safe kitchen set.

Teach gratitude and independence

Cooking at a young age is the foundation of any autonomous, successful individual. It's easy for kids if they've been fed their entire lives, but once they start cooking for themselves, they'll quickly find that meals don't grow on trees and that bringing warm food to the table every day requires a lot of effort.
  • Non-toxic BPA-free materials
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Highest quality tools that withstand tough & playful use

What's inside the box?

  • 4 different knives (large, medium, small & a bread knife)
  • 1 peeler
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 dinosaur-shaped wooden cutter
  • 3 uniquely shaped cutting frames (for transforming vegetables into cute figures like stars, hearts & animals!)
  • 1 green large cutting board
  • 1 yellow large cutting board

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amy H.
Awesome product!!

My two girls (4 and 7) enjoy cooking with me, and we all love this product! It’s cute and functional. The knives and peeler actually work and are safe for kids/great for learning and developing fine motor skills. They can use the cookie cutters for cookies or play doh. The packaging is cute and easy to open, perfect for birthday and holiday gifts. Highly recommend this product 😁

Lisa K.
Perfect Utensils for Young Chefs

This cooking/baking set is perfect for kids of all ages. My niece is very afraid of knives because she doesn’t want to cut herself. The knives and peeler are made of sharp plastic, but they will not cut the skin easily like a normal sharp knife would. However, they work to cut fruits and veggies. The cutting board is not very thick, but it is tough enough and large enough to work with the knives. All of the cooking tools are made of any adult cooking utensil quality. They are also made just a little bit smaller which make it easier for younger kids to control.