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Sweevly Breastfeeding Pillow

Sweevly Breastfeeding Pillow

Regular price $ 28.95 USD
Sale price $ 28.95 USD Regular price $ 49.95 USD
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Sweevly Breastfeeding Pillow

Regular price $ 28.95
Sale price $ 28.95 Regular price $ 49.95
SAVE 42% Sold out

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Comfortable positioning for baby & mom

Our pillow slides over your arm, rather than around your waist, to help promote a comfortable and proper breastfeeding position for you and your baby. It allows you to naturally bring your baby up to your breast, rather than leaning over to nurse. 

Can be used in multiple hold styles including cradle hold and rugby hold. As a small and lightweight nursing pillow, it is ideal for today’s on-the-go mom for use both at home or out-and-about.

No pressure on the midsection

This pillow goes on your arm, you will not have to worry about the added pressure on your midsection that you would get from all the other nursing pillows that are required to sit on your lap, making it a great nursing pillow for c-section recovery.

Take it wherever you go

With its small size, this pillow is ideal to keep in the car or for outings when you don’t want to lug a larger nursing pillow around. The small size also makes traveling with it easier as it can fit in most diaper bags. There are no additional covers available for this nursing pillow. Another nice thing is the entire pillow is machine washable.

Why breastfeeding pillows are awesome!

  • You can make the most of the 4th trimester -  A breastfeeding pillow helps you find the best angles, and gives your back, neck, and arms a rest during those cluster feeding sessions.

  • Protect your c-section - Finding a comfortable feeding position can be even harder after a c-section. Your scar is sore, and twisting can be too painful. Using a breastfeeding pillow can protect your scar from a wriggling baby, and raise the little cherub high enough to reach your boob, without you having to strain.

  • Feed anywhere - This pillow is small enough to throw in the bottom of the buggy. And you can whip it out to make breastfeeding comfortable even in the most awkward spaces. Feeding on a picnic blanket, or a restaurant chair, you can support yourself and your baby while they get the nutrients they need. While you get that well-deserved cup of coffee and natter with your friends!

  • Help with reflux - When your baby is suffering from reflux it can be heartbreaking. Studies have shown that keeping them upright during and after feeding can help with their pain and discomfort.

  • Support tummy time - Propping your baby’s top half up on the pillow can help them get used to being face down, and support them while they build strength in their arms. Pop something shiny or colorful in their eye line and they’ll be much happier!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elisabeth A.
This is my second purchase

I own 2. I lay them next to my lap, and have my son’s head on it when nursing (or my hand rests on it to better support my sons head while nursing.) Seriously so much better than any nursing pillow I own (and I own a lot of them) and my son loves it too!

Kris P.
Super convenient!

The first time I used this pillow my son was just a few days old and breastfeeding was still very new to me. Now, My son is now 4 weeks old, almost a month, and I finally got to use this pillow for the second time...

Wow, so easy, my hands are free, and most importantly we are BOTH comfortable :).

I think what helps is that I'm more confident with breastfeeding than I was before.

The pillow has a lot of fluff so it may seem bulky but it's extremely soft! Like most nursing pillows you'll have to play with it and adjust yourself and the baby a little.

Overall, love the product so far and can't wait to travel with it

Lisa K.
Best breast feeding aid, and great for dads!

As a breast-feeding mother you are always looking for the most comfortable pillow or assistant to aid in the back pain. I currently have the breast friend pillow as well, and I actually purchased this for my husband to use for the bottle he gives our child at night. I decided to try it out, and I actually use this now instead of the breast friend. The item is very soft, held up well in the washing machine, and does a great job of supporting the baby’s head.

I have also found that you can remove your arm from the pillow and it will still stay in place pretty well. I highly recommend this product.

Cindy R.
One my favorite baby must haves

This was truly one of my favorite baby must havaes after having a c section my baby is now 4 months and I still use when we are away from home makes it easier to hold and breastfeed

Kendra H.
Not just for breast feeding

I have no clue why Fb recommended this item for me, but I am glad it did! I enjoy curling up with a pillow, and putting my hand under. This can lead to a wrist cramp/smash situation. Not anymore! This is perfect! My hand slides right in and since it has lower support it all works out! Great to travel with, fits right over my suitcase handle. Center area is also good for stashing an eye mask. Love that i can just toss this in the washer also. It has survived two washings so far with only fabulous results