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Ultimate Burst Cannon V2.0

Ultimate Burst Cannon V2.0

Regular price $ 59.00 USD
Sale price $ 59.00 USD Regular price $ 124.00 USD
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● Quick auto reload system

● Powerful, accurate shots

● 3 shoot modes



Ultimate Burst Cannon V2.0

Regular price $ 59.00
Sale price $ 59.00 Regular price $ 124.00
SAVE 52% Sold out
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Take water fun to the next level

On a hot summer’s day, there’s no more fun way to cool off than with a good water fight.
Prepare for epic water battles and unbeatable summer fun and gain an upper hand over your opponents by going into battle armed with the Ultimate Burst Cannon. 

  • Hours of fun without the need for continuous refilling

Automatic reload

To reload, just dip the front of the Cannon into a water source and fully load and repressurize automatically in 10 seconds.

  • No waiting, no fuss - just pump and play for instant soaking power!

Perfect for all ages

With easy-to-use mechanisms and ergonomic designs, these water guns are perfect for kids and adults alike. Prepare to make a splash at pool parties, family gatherings, and summer adventures.

  • Long-range water blasting for dominating water battles 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Thomas P.
Fun with my son :)

I love the accuracy and range of this water blaster and highly recommend it!

Tom J.
This things is awesome!

This water gun is way stronger than I thought! Very happy with my purchase!

Tony K.

Works perfectly and reloads just as it is supposed to. Very much recommended! Thank you for making this awesome water blaster!!!!

Jerald S.
Fun water gun

It's compact light wait and because it shots in bursts of water instead of constant stream it last longer before needs to refilled. 2nd feature I like is that to fill it back up u just dip the front end of the gun and then push the trigger forward instead of pulling it and it activates the pump to refill the gun.

Lynn K.
This is next-level water fights!!!

The most amazing water gun I ever owned!