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refresh - portable mesh nebulizer

refresh - portable mesh nebulizer

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refresh - portable mesh nebulizer

Regular price $ 39.95
Sale price $ 39.95 Regular price $ 94.95
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eliminate asthma, allergies & cold symptoms in minutes

Breathing in Refresh's fine mist for just 15-30 seconds breaks up mucus and congestion, instantly providing relief from these annoying symptoms and supporting your baby's recovery.

Many conditions like asthma, colds & allergies often lead to serious breathing problems in babies, resulting in frequent visits to the emergency room for basic symptoms like coughing, wheezing & sneezing.

  • Just as effective for grown-ups and toddlers

better sleep. longer naps.

Refresh's fine mist delivers medication directly to the lungs in seconds, eliminating & preventing mucus build-up, body aches, headaches, and sore throats while sleeping

  • Can be administered silently while the baby sleeps

avoid emergency room visits

It can sometimes be hard to differentiate between just sneezing or coughing and a potentially dangerous virus in babies, leading many of us to avoid taking any chances.

Refresh provides a rapid and targeted solution to respiratory problems by breaking down mucus and congestion, potentially avoiding the need for emergency care.

  • Easy to use & clean

provide relief on the go

Our nebulizer was designed to be compact and portable (USB-charged), offering immediate relief from coughs, sneezes, wheezing, and more anytime and anywhere.

  • Two modes: one for babies and toddlers, and one for adults.

designed for easy use

Refresh transforms liquid saline particles into a comforting inhalable mist that penetrates deeply into the respiratory system. This is achieved through a method known as nebulization.

In just a few seconds, this mist replenishes lung moisture, clears mucus blockages, and alleviates uncomfortable inflammation. 

  • re-hydrates the lungs for better airflow

better sleep. less stress

Proven to help your kid sleep better, and deeper, and wake up more refreshed & focused. 

  • get peaceful nights back - guaranteed!

why are parents switching to this device?

After a few short breaths with Refresh, you'll notice your kid's inflamed throat is more hydrated. Within a minute, trapped mucus will begin to dissolve, leading to the clearance of your kid's respiratory system.

After just 4 sessions, 91% of patients who tested Refresh experienced relief from symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, and sore throat

  • After 10 days, 93% reported a *significant improvement* in their breathing.

treats multiple respiratory problems:

  • coughing
  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing
  • chest tightness
  • chest pain
  • fatigue
  • cold & flu
  • excess mucus production
  • worsening exercise tolerance
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Shirley A.
This has truly made our lives much simpler

My son has been bone shaking afraid of breathing treatments since his diagnoses of asthma. We have been using the nebulizer for many years and between his going back and forth to school, daycare and home having to take her treatments every 4 hours has been stressful. He already doesn’t like the loud noise a regular nebulizer makes, not to mention the additional hassle of toting it back and forth everywhere. This product has truly made our lives much simpler, with its convenient light-weight, and it makes such little noise I can still give his treatments while he sleeps. I love that the medicine compartment is super easy to remove to clean. Truly a great product! I could not be any happier! Now I just pack this product in his backpack with his albuterol and budesonide and it goes everywhere with us. It’s so compact and portable it fits in my purse, and I no longer have to stress about carrying a clunky nebulizer or even look for an outlet to plug it in!!!! The low noise level is great too, he will even hold the nebulizer and do his treatments.

Elaine H.
This is the best nebulizer I've ever used!!

Purchased due to respiratory illness. It charges quickly, is portable, works amazingly, very quiet. My nephew who is 3 had to borrow it and he loved it, so easy to use. So easy to clean. Great purchase.

Mary K.
Perfect, quiet, exactly what I need for my little man

This portable, rechargeable mesh nebulizer was delivered quickly and was ready to go right out of the box. I use it a couple of times a day and never worry about waking the neighbors or even disturbing someone watching TV in the same room with me! I was dreading taking the big machine on vacation. Now I don't have to. Glad I found this little wonder!

Rachel J.

This has been the best nebulizer I’ve tried, and I 100% recommend it.

Wendy P.
Very good nebulizer

I really like this portable nebulizer! I love that I can charge it and can use it anywhere. It’s not loud at all which helps to not scare the kids from it. I’ve also noticed it’s very fast. All positives!