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Evo - 2-in-1 Oil Dispenser

Evo - 2-in-1 Oil Dispenser

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Sale price $ 26.90 USD Regular price $ 37.00 USD
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✔ Precise oil dispensing for healthier cooking

✔ Pouring & spraying

✔ Save money, ditch cooking sprays

✔ Safer, chemical-free alternative


Evo - 2-in-1 Oil Dispenser

Regular price $ 26.90
Sale price $ 26.90 Regular price $ 37.00
SAVE 27% Sold out
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Evo changes everything 🌿

Evo is not just another spray bottle; it is a new way of using your favorite cooking oils and dressings safely, healthily, and economically.

It allows you to pour or spray the perfect amount of oil for your recipes. With its precise dispensing, you can create healthier meals while enjoying the flavors you love.

  • All your essentials in an elegant carry

Healthy cooking made easy

Evo takes the guesswork out of measuring oil, ensuring you use the right amount every time. This helps you create delicious and nutritious meals, without the excess calories from overusing oil.

  • Healthy meals with less oil

Save money & live healthier

No more expensive cooking sprays filled with harmful chemicals. Evo allows you to use your favorite oils while controlling the amount, saving you money in the long run and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

  • Reusable & super easy to clean

2-in-1 Invention why pay for spray cans monthly when you have this?

  • Material: High-quality food grade
  • Two in one: Spray and pour
  • Large capacity: 21oz or 600ml
  • Built-in filter: Prevents Oil residue from clogging

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Margaret C.
Definitely recommend!

I love this so much!! I'm not a fan of aerosol can sprays and the oil I tend to use I can’t find in the can anyway so this thing is perfect for me! Love that it’s glass! Also when I add oil to say a pan to coat I always end up with too much and this helps me to not get too much on the pan. You can also use with vinaigrettes!! Awesome product!!!

Catherine R.
Read this if considering!! No drips!

I love to share things that really work and are worth the investment. Got this sprayer a couple weeks ago and just wanted to make sure it wouldn’t drip or spray uneven. It has not disappointed! Even every time! now I can truly ditch the spay can (and save $$) Is so pretty it gets to sit on the counter. Is truly one of my fav purchases in a while. Large opening to easily fill with favorite oil (I used olive oil)Even steady mist spray so you truly get a light coating. Beautiful bottle! I love the olive leaf drained on it! Excited I can finally ditch the spray can too!

Carol K.
Just recommended to all my friends

This one is crazy! All you do is pour your oil into it and spray! And it has amazing pressure. Wish I found it sooner! Just recommended to all my friends

Cecelia A.
A Must-Have for Every Kitchen

As someone who is always on the go, I appreciate how this guy makes healthy cooking a breeze. I can quickly prepare meals with the perfect amount of oil, without any fuss. It's a lifesaver for busy people like me.

David K.
I feel like a professional chef in my own kitchen.

The precise pouring and spraying functions allow me to create restaurant-quality dishes with ease. It's elevated my cooking game to a whole new level.