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ScrubGun - electric cleaning brush

ScrubGun - electric cleaning brush

Regular price $ 37.95 USD
Sale price $ 37.95 USD Regular price $ 57.95 USD
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ScrubGun - electric cleaning brush

Regular price $ 37.95
Sale price $ 37.95 Regular price $ 57.95
SAVE 34% Sold out

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leave everything cleaner than clean

This handy electric powerhouse has a powerful 360° rotating brush and cleans everything in a jiffy. From indoor surfaces like bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, and floors to outdoor areas like patio furniture and garden fixtures, the ScrubGun is your go-to cleaning companion.

  • Never suffer from pain or sore arms again

effortlessly polish away the most stubborn dirt

The ScrubGun lets you get dirty surfaces sparkling clean in no time. It rotates 360° and has a high power output, so you can remove even the toughest stains quickly and easily.

  • USB rechargeable (cable included)

different brushes with each a unique quality

Dirty grout between your bathroom tiles, dirty splatters on the wall from cooking, car rims covered in sand, grease stains on the stovetop, and a dirty sink. All pesky areas that we would rather avoid cleaning as it is such a hassle. Yet still they affect the overall look of your house and car, leaving it looking dirty by default.

  • It comes with 3 different brush attachments
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carolyn P.
Am I the last person to know about these things?

For eight years, since I bought this house, I've been fighting this buildup scrunge stuff in the corners of my shower door. Every month or three I scrub it as best I can, but mostly it just laughs at me and comes right back. I've never been able to completely get rid of it. WELL. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW, SCRUNGE?

I saw your post on FB with someone cleaning, using an this brush, and was like... am I the last person to know these things exist?

MUST TRY ONE. And I am so, so glad I did. This one comes with a handful of attachments; I used the scouring pad and the corner brush on this - and even just kind of a light pass did more work than I had been able to get by hand. I can already tell after the one use that with a better (hard water/lime buildup?) cleaner, that this thing will absolutely make my shower door look like new.

Loretta K.
Super handy and easy to use

This scrubber is changing my cleaning game and I love it!

Jennifer T.
Love the versatility and how well it works

The scrubber comes charged, so it's ready to use. I love the variation of brush heads, and how easy they are to connect to the scrubber. So far, I've used it to clean around my bathroom and the kitchen, leaving everything nice and clean. The removal of the brush heads is just as easy as it is inserting it, and so is its cleaning.

Angel K.
Deep Kitchen Clean Activated…

This is one of my favorite kitchen cleaning gadgets. I have stainless steel appliances. Idk who’s idea it was to invent stainless steel appliances because they get dirty so fast and are hard to clean. Well this scrub brush makes cleaning so much easier. Especially, my fridge. It also has a microfiber cloth so after cleaning it with the brush I buffed it out with the microfiber cloth. So, now I have a shiny clean fridge again. Now my appliances look good and I didn’t have to labor so hard to get them to look clean again.

Kirsten L.
Gets the job done

I’ve been wanting one of these cordless shower scrubbers. And I’m so glad I came across this handle little guy. It seems to get the job done or dirt and grime. It is also good on tough water spots. It comes with various brushes to tackle any dirty job.