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UprightCane - regain your independence

UprightCane - regain your independence

Regular price $ 44.97 USD
Sale price $ 44.97 USD Regular price $ 104.00 USD
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UprightCane - regain your independence

Regular price $ 44.97
Sale price $ 44.97 Regular price $ 104.00
SAVE 56% Sold out

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Are you struggling to stand up and walk on your own?

If you're here, you or a loved one likely struggle to stand from chairs or sofas due to aging, regular physical activity, injury, surgery, or health issues like osteoarthritis, neuropathy, knee pain, or sciatica.

The result? It feels as if you've lost your independence and need to rely on others for assistance in standing up and walking.

  • Help you stand up independently, walk further distances, and regain your confidence!

Stand up with confidence

This cane is designed by orthopedists to help those with trouble standing up without extra support.

Unlike traditional canes or walking sticks, the UprightCane features an additional handle that offers extra support, allowing you to stand up from chairs, sofas, or any seated position independently, without needing assistance from others.

  • A robust base with 4 durable rubber feet keeps the cane stable and accessible on any surface, offering reliable support whenever needed.

Stay safe while walking at night

Our cane features a built-in torch, designed to help you see better during the nighttime or early evenings.

It's designed to assist you in navigating dim hallways, stairs, and uneven terrain, ensuring clear visibility and confident walking at any hour.

  • Reduces the risk of falls during nighttime, giving you the confidence to move independently in the dark.

Peace of mind

The UprightCane enhances your safety with an alarm feature. If you fall or need assistance, simply activate the alarm to alert nearby individuals with a loud, clear signal.

  • The alarm provides reassurance when alone or in unfamiliar places, ensuring help can arrive swiftly with a simple button press.

A helping hand anytime anywhere

The UprightCane boosts your confidence, allowing greater freedom and independence. It provides physical support and relieves the emotional burden of dependence on loved ones.

  • Live life to the fullest, on your terms!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kathryn L.
I highly recommend it!

This cane completely exceeded my expectations! It’s lightweight yet incredibly strong. The automatic installation save me time and effort. The confidence I feel while walking with this cane is unmatched. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable, walking cane.

Sherie L.
Thank you very much!

Just want to let shoppers know, this cane is very supportive, but most importantly the company is equally very supportive. I lost the screw that holds the battery in the handle. I contacted the company and asked of I could buy a replacement screw cap. I got an instant reply that a replacement, free of charge, was in the mail.

Elizabeth P.

The cane fits in my handbag when folded. This is great because it's not needed all the time.

Lori L.

Its great my grandfather really liked it. He was very excited for the integrated flashlight.

Mary P.

I really like the cane it is adjustable, it folds and the flash light is great. It is great for the money!