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Aquahold - Phone holding water bottle

Aquahold - Phone holding water bottle

Regular price $ 64.97 USD
Sale price $ 64.97 USD Regular price $ 115.00 USD
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Aquahold - Phone holding water bottle

Regular price $ 64.97
Sale price $ 64.97 Regular price $ 115.00
SAVE 43% Sold out

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Capture your best moments

The Water bottle that magnetically holds your phone! Capture your best content, watch videos, follow workouts, make video calls & stay hydrated wherever, whenever.

  • Compatible with all phone types

Get a perfect angle every time

With a 90-degree hinge and adjustable positioning for portrait and landscape use, Aquahold ensures that your device is always at the perfect angle for that selfie, zoom call, or group photo.

  • Keeps your drink 18hrs Hot / 24hrs Cold

Stays in place, all day long

We designed Aquahold to work flawlessly as a secure and convenient phone mount no matter how much (or how little!) liquid is in the bottle. Don't worry about refilling your bottle so it stays upright - Aquahold works. Tap and swipe away!

  • Made with strong holding magnets, so your phone never falls off

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ronald K.
A life saver

Love my bottle. Was a life saver in Cabo, Mexico. Kept all my drinks cold

Karl J.
Get rid of our tripod....carry less. Use in the gym to film your routines.

I love this water bottle. Great insulation, a wide neck to add ice/protein powder if necessary and the loop doubles as a carry handle. I think it's my favorite bottle in the cupboard. I think they've done a great job here!

Charles S.
This is a really great idea - well played Sweevly!

Great addition to having a nice water bottle, the magnetic loop at the top to hold onto your iPhone. Works like a charm. Can have it at different angles, horizontal or vertical, and it doubles as a nice loop to hold onto and carry the bottle when at the gym. I'm impressed, and I do't get impressed all that often anymore, but SOMEONE had a good idea when they paired these two things up!

Jessie K.
Highly highly recommended!

This water bottle is absolutely amazing. I say that because I put ice cold water in before bed, woke up, and it was STILL ice cold. (What a feat.) I actually forgot it was even supposed to contain liquid as the magnetic feature is also a huge plus for this bottle. The sturdiness is definitely there, and it makes it super convenient to hold video calls, record content, and watch videos.

Douglas K.
Exactly what I was looking for!

I’ve seen this bottle several times and thought it looked great. It’s really good quality, stainless steal, very sturdy. I haven’t tried it yet but it does hold my iPhone really well. This will be great for times when I want to do a quick video or facetime and don’t want to hold my phone. Super handy!