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Sweevly Wedge Pillow

Sweevly Wedge Pillow

Regular price $ 69.95 USD
Sale price $ 69.95 USD Regular price $ 129.95 USD
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Sweevly Wedge Pillow

Regular price $ 69.95
Sale price $ 69.95 Regular price $ 129.95
SAVE 46% Sold out

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Closing the Gap

Sweevly pillow closes the gap between the headboard and the mattress to effectively prevents objects and pillows from falling off the bed. No more lost items or falling pillows!

The high-density foam will support your pillows so they wouldn't move when you're asleep.

Alleviates Neck and Back Discomfort

The triangular design not only fills gaps at multiple angles but also provides support for your head and neck, allowing you to sleep more comfortably and reduce the number of pillows in your bed.

Convenient Side Pocket

Our pillow features two large-capacity pockets on both sides. You can conveniently store items such as phones, remote controls, glasses, and more, keeping your resting space tidy and organized.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lucille J.
No more disappearing pillows

I no longer have to dig my pillows out from between the mattress and the wall. The pocket for the remote is a nice touch too.

Heidi L.

I was tired of my bed pillows disappearing between the mattress and the frame. This wonderful product solved the problem for me. I even have a place for my cellphone if I need it.

Sharon L.
Should have purchased this years ago

This solved all my problems. It's comfortable, places my body at a comfortable rise for watching tv, it accommodates my slew of pillows without losing one to the floor, it's darn-right great. The side pockets come in handy too, I just have to remember that I put something in there, lol. Great product for the price.

Miriam P.
Bed wedge pillow is what we needed!

Needed something to keep everything from falling between the headboard and the mattress It comes in a vacuum sealed bag that once removed it inflates. Fits the king size bed perfectly

Virginia S.
It works

Product fills the gap between my queen mattress and metal headboard perfectly. Was surprised at the simplicity of product,