TriMop - 360° Rotatable Adjustable Cleaning Mop

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Introducing The TriMop - a revolutionary tool that puts the power of cleaning back into your hands.

This one-of-a-kind mop features an innovative self wring out feature, so you don't have to work as hard or waste energy bending down and manually wringing it out.

What's more, its super absorbent microfiber cloth will make sure your floors never looked better! You can even use it for dusting, sweeping, and mopping - now you don't need any other accessory to get the job done.

Not to mention, with its 51" extendable handle, you'll easily be able to reach those hard-to-get corners and surfaces.

Stop struggling with hard-to-use mops and choose TriMop for an efficient and oh-so-satisfying clean every time. 

  • Practical: With so many useful functions, use the TriMop to clean ANY part of your home!
  • Innovative: Unlike ANY other mop that you will find on the market, TriMop is truly one of a kind!
  • Sleek: Fits under any piece of furniture you have, cleans hard-to-reach crevices and cracks
  • Useful: The TriMop is an all-in-one cleaning device, use it for Mopping, Dusting, AND Sweeping!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Judith G.

This is our second one. Very lightweight but a hard worker. Highly recommend! Don't wait to purchase this!!!

Kimber A.

This mop is great. Easy to use and clean. The best part is the long handle so you don't have to bend over when mopping.

Kris J.

I can clean any part of my home wet or dry with this thing, feel like I was wasting my time before I had this!

Betty A.

This mop is perfect. It is easy to use and cleans better than my steam mop. I love this mop.

Heather L.

I've had this mop for a little over a month now. I've really enjoyed using it so far. I bought it because I was tired of the old mop and bucket method. Let's just say I'll never do that again. This spray mop is easy to assemble and easy to use. 0 complaints here. Gone are the days of the sloppy bucket bs.