ServePro™ - The Ultimate Volleyball Trainer

ServePro™ - The Ultimate Volleyball Trainer




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Focus 100% On your serving tosses & technique without wasting time chasing the ball! 

Did you know that in one minute you can hit the ball 15 to 30 times without chasing it?

  • BECOME A BETTER PLAYER: It works efficiently to help you gain strength and feel the right technique, such as serving overhand or underhand, setting and spiking in the shortest time by YOURSELF!

  • LEARN HOW TO SERVE LIKE A PRO: You can now learn how to serve like a pro with ease. Our smart design ball rebounder will help you spend more time hitting the ball by eliminating the need to chasing it after every serve you make.

You can use this serving trainer equipment to improve your swing motion technique or just to fast warm up your serving moves before a volleyball game!

  • DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE: It is designed for all experience levels from beginners to experts. no matter what age, it has an elastic cord which can be increased up to 78 inches for hitting application or 40 inches for more isolated technique. 

With a wide of 0.78 inches, you can now practice without worrying about your training equipment breaking!

Practice as you've never won, Perform as you've never lost! 


Suitable for any gym, home, and outdoor space, you can bring and have it set up literally anywhere in just a few seconds!

You could practice on your own in your own backyard home or garden without the need for a large gym, hard court, volleyball net or soccer net.



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