Safe Mat™ - The Ultimate Non-Slip Bath Mat

24 in x 16 in
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Reasons Why The Safe Mat Will Be The Last Bath Mat You Get:

✔ Non-Slip Design Provides Grip & Safety
✔ Mold Inhibiting Microban Antibacterial Material
✔ Water Draining Built To Never Stain
✔ Safe, Soft & Cushiony Under Your Feet
✔ Minimal Upkeep, Lasts For Years
✔ Prevents Hair From Clogging in The Drain
✔ Soap & Water Don’t Build Up Over It

Typical Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous

Make This Simple Bathroom Switch For Increased Safety & Hygiene

Typical bathing mats are made from cheap plastics that never drain the water and grow mold and mildew underneath them. It’s beyond gross... it’s an accident waiting to happen. According to the CDC, over 350,000 Americans slip on wet bathroom floors every year! Plastic bathing mats are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which can transfer to your body and cause skin irritation or foot fungus.

Fortunately, there’s now a more hygienic way to let you have safe, comfortable showers without worrying. The Safe Mat is made of 100% top-grade Microban & Loofah fabrics — a quick-draining, anti-bacteria material that lets water through and fully drains it at the same time without leaving any ground for mold growth. And since Microban & Loofah don’t ever need to be washed or lose their draining power, it can keep your bathtub & shower safe, non-slippery, dry, & safe for decades.

Drains Immediately = Never Moldy, Smelly, or Slippery

Awesome Features:

  • Prevents Slipping - The soft, chalky texture firmly grips your feet. Plus, the special non-slip layer helps to keep it from sliding on the floor. Absorbed water quickly drains, so your bathtub or shower stays slime-free and slip-resistant.

  • Microban Fibers That Inhibit Mold & Mildew Growth - Traditional plastic bathing mats never drain all the water, making them the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria & fungi. With the water drainage features and the Microban fibers that are incorporated into the manufacturing, germs simply can’t live on the material.

  • Unbelievable Drainage = No Water & Soap Build-Up - The Safe Mat's loofah-like surface has millions of small holes that instantly drain water. You can easily bath on it without worrying about slipping because of water & soap build-up!

  • Soft & Cushiony Under Your Feet - The Safe Mat's plush texture molds to the shape of your feet giving you a luxury bathing experience close to a daily foot massage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Noelle W.

This product has become my favorite. It is a great design. Thanks to whoever figured out how to put the nonslip stuff onto the loofah material. I've had the original loofah-like bathmats with the suction cups, but this is so much better. I'm a heavy person and this thing doesn't budge! Also, it's easy to roll up and allow it to dry off because you don't have to worry about undoing suction cups, and then reapplying suction cups. This has held up nicely, for a few weeks now. Thanks for designing this.

Jennifer D.
Will be buying a second one!

I purchased this for my main bathroom to use in our standalone shower. I was looking to replace a foot scrubber that suctioned to the shower floor and happened to run across this non-slip loofah mat. It cleans and acts as a loofah for our feet so good that I was told to buy another for our master bathroom shower!

Lynda N.
So far so good

We have been using this mat for a couple of weeks and so far it was maintaining its grip on the textured bottom of the tub each time we put it in. It also dries well and I did not notice any mold.

Mary P.
Truly Non Slip

Just arrived and only used it once but they didn't slip at all on a textured tub floor.

Jean F.
Soft and secure

I was looking for something to help me not slip in the shower. I have a textured floor in my shower. I tried sticky pads but they did not adhere well because of the texture so I thought I'd try a mat. It seemed that the vast majority of mats are secured to the shower floor with suction cups. Well, I knew that wouldn't work with my textured floor either. So I kept searching. I am so glad I did because I found this gem. It has a backing that is "non-slip". It adheres even to my textured shower floor. It doesn't move at all. And the mat almost massages my feet with its texture. And the water drains through it just fine without clogging. I really like these mats. I highly recommend them for textured shower floors.