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GameStick 4K Console

GameStick 4K Console

Regular price $ 49.90 USD
Sale price $ 49.90 USD Regular price $ 99.90 USD
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✔️ Up to 40,000 retro games

✔️ Supports 4K/60fps

✔️ Supports multiplayer


GameStick 4K Console

Regular price $ 49.90
Sale price $ 49.90 Regular price $ 99.90
SAVE 50% Sold out

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bringing back the nostalgia in 1 console

You can choose which game you want to play with any upgrade software on our open-source system. Play single-player and multi-player games with your friends with the 2 controllers included.

GameStick uses the latest technology to ensure high performance and a 60HZ display.

multi-player supported

Whether you're competing in classic arcade games or teaming up in timeless adventures, our console offers an unparalleled multiplayer experience. Get ready to bring back the golden era of gaming with a modern twist.

endless fun - easy setup

Just plug in via HDMI, and you're ready to go! Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free gaming experience, letting you focus on the fun!

top quality controllers

Comes with an ergonomic design for comfortable grip and extended play, advanced haptic feedback for immersive gaming experiences, adaptive triggers for precise control, and wireless connectivity for convenience!

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frequently asked questions

Where's the games list?

What are the differences between game bundles?

The 8,000 option includes a basic selection of popular classic games, offering a wide range of genres and consoles.

With the 20,000 option, you'll find an expanded library that includes all games from the 8,000 package plus additional games. This package includes all of the consoles but some with limited games.

Lastly, the 40,000 option is our premium package. It encompasses everything in the 20,000 option and adds even more games, exclusive titles and special editions.

This is perfect for the dedicated gamer who wants the most comprehensive gaming library.

Can I save game progress?

Yes. GameStick supports save files.

Does it support multiplayer?

Yes! Our retro console supports multiplayer gaming. Gather your friends and family for some classic, fun-filled gaming sessions.

Does the GameStick console come with built-in cheats?

GameStick console includes integrated cheat features for enhanced gameplay flexibility!

What is the resolution?

4K HD, 1280*720p output, game speed 1:1, 60Hz

Is there a warranty?

GameStick comes with a 1-year warranty!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Vincent A.
A ton of games = A ton of fun

I couldn’t be more happy about purchasing this console, I was hesitant at first but when I read all the reviews I decided to pull the trigger and I couldn’t be more excited. I have spent countless of hours playing games that I haven’t seen in YEARS, games that I played when I was younger and they all run perfect! I had a little issue with one of the controllers and the owner got back to me right away with the problem. If you are deciding to buy this I couldn’t stress enough to DO IT! Well worth the money!! It was delivered quick and secure.

Jeffrey L.
So fun

There are a ton of games that I didn't even know what they were but found them to be very entertaining. The classics are there though. I went straight to Pac-Man and had a blast and Mario Bros took me back too. Nice to have for when we travel on vacation too. Portable entertainment at an affordable price. Playing this took me back to when the kids were younger (right after the original NES came out....) we would sit up late into the night when they didn't have school next day and play for hours. Many happy times and memories.

Javier C.
Works Great

This console has a lot of fun retro games on it. It is a very basic console as no games or scores can be saved. There are a lot of fun games on here and a lot that I never heard of. It's fun to pass the time away when I'm bored. I'd recommend this for any age. I think that kids and teens would get a kick out of it, plus you could tell them how you used to have to walk to school every day, uphill both ways, in the snow, lol. Adults will have fun playing the games from the childhood.

William P.
brings back nostalgic memories...

This is simply amazing retro game console where you just need a TV or monitor with HDMI input to play. It comes with 2 wireless game controller that looks identical to old PlayStation game controller. I was amazed and also overwhelmed at so many games that it comes with. The wireless controllers were very responsive and you can even save the game progress. Love this game console!

Chris P.
The greatest gift of all time

I bought this console for my wife and me for Christmas. We LOVE IT. No issues at all. Everything works perfectly. If I can only remember how to do ultra combos on Killer instinct then I'll perfect.