Portable Paw Pool

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Do your pets love being outside? We want to make those hot summer days more enjoyable for your fur kids!

Unlike a standard, plastic, off-the-shelf baby pool, The Paw Pool is made for dogs and is built to last. Have peace of mind knowing that the pool won't leak or tear, while you watch your fur kids run, jump and swim around their new play area.

The pool is deep enough for your dog to get completely soaked and cool off by either sitting, standing, or swimming!


Setting up the pool only takes seconds. Simply unfold the pool, ensure the drain plug is closed, and fill it up with as much water as you'd like.

When playtime is over, open the drain plug to drain the water. Once it's empty and dry, just fold and pack it up. It's that simple. The pool's compact and lightweight design makes it conveniently portable.

Size Chart

 Size Dimensions (dia*h)
(in Inches / CM)
Pet Weight
(in Lbs / Kgs)
(32*8") / (80*20)
25 / 11.5
(47*12") / (120*30)
80 / 36
(63*12") / (160*30)
80+ / 36+

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Melissa J.
Great for the backyard

About the pool itself--arrived as promised. It folds up much smaller than I anticipated which is good. The sides are sturdy; the pool bottom is thick enough that I am not worried about claws puncturing it and causing a leak. We have two dogs and occasional guest dogs. Our black dog now fully enjoys the outdoors since we got the pool. Before she would do her business and want to come back inside. Now, when she gets hot from the sun, she hops into the pool and cools off. It is great to see her enjoy the outdoors in summer.

Delfina K.
Strong enough to entertain my Rottweiler.

So far, it has been very sturdy. No punctures. No tipping. Easy to empty (which I do every night) and easy to fold or refill. It was a good purchase. It is a simple, well-thought-out product.

Carol R.
Worth every penny

I've got 3 large indoor dogs, but they still get a little funky... Professional grooming can be expensive, so I had a hot water option added to my outdoor hose connection so I could bathe them, myself, with warm water, when the weather is appropriate for outside bathing. It drains easily, and folds nearly flat when not in use. I highly recommend this product!

Mary E.
This dog pool is lots of fun and works well

We've had it for a 1/2 of summer with our big puppy and she loves it. Watching her run in an out of the pool, splashing in the water is a real joy. I doubt any dog would be tougher on this pool than our and it has held up really well. On hot days you have to drain it because the bacteria will grow. On cool days it can go a day or two without refilling. I clean it with chlorox twice a week. I fill it up with water and add a few ounces of bleach let it sit. It's quick and easy to drain it has a drain plug but I find it easier to just collapse a side and let the water flow out. Lots of fun for the dog and lots of joy for the dog owners.

Traci J.

I purchase this dog pool in size large for my three dogs. We go on vacation during the Texas summer, and they need a place to cool off while we are away. I highly recommend it to anyone with dogs or even children. 5/5 stars