Longpole Hoe - Adjustable Garden Hoe With Handle

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Make Your Weeding Go Four Times Faster with Little Effort!

Faster Weeding with Less Effort
With up to 4X faster weeding so you can deal with pesky weeds quickly and easily.

Maximize Your Time & Effort
Get the most out of your time in the garden by using one tool for many jobs.

Easily Prepare Garden Beds
The best tool to help prepare garden beds for a healthy season of growth.

Enjoyable Gardening Experience
Make your gardening experience easier and more enjoyable by saving energy & effort.

Handcrafted & Forged
Each Longpole Hoe® is handcrafted & forged using high-quality steel.


  • Push-Pull Hoe Garden Tool - Designed with push-pull motion which is safer and more efficient for weeding, cutting weed roots, or cultivating around live growing plants with ease.

  • Weeding Hoe Long Handle - Hoe Length is adjustable to 63 inches / 160 cm which provides maximum comfort for tall gardeners and protects you from bending over.

  • Sturdy Quality - Made from premium steel

  • Ideal for young and senior gardeners

  • Ergonomic handle makes gardening easier

  • Helps prepare the soil for planting

  • Easy to Install - 1 min to assemble this collinear hoe by screwing 3 pieces together with no extra tools required. 

The Helping Hand You Deserve

The Longpole Hoe was designed with your needs in mind ...

  • One that is light but durable
  • One that is space-efficient without being clunky or hard to store
  • One that is convenient and easy to use no matter where your gardening takes you
  • One that will save you time and maximize your effort.

So what are you waiting for? Order your new Longpole Hoe today and get the help you deserve.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fran G.
Order this tool!!!!

Ordered this hoping it would work. It's very easy to use and cleared out the weeds in less than 30 minutes!!!! The best gardening tool I've come across, can't wait to clear out my flower beds!!!

Elvira Q.
Quick & Easy Weed Removal

I took a chance on this hoe and boy was it worth it! Easy to assemble and a definite time saver when it comes to clearing out weeds from your garden or in my case, my backyard. The picture speak for itself

Andy H.
Great Hoe - works well at annihilating weeds!

When I received the box and examined the contents I was very pleasantly surprised! large-diameter tubing, a decent gauge of steel, a solid connection system with deep and substantial threads, and an overall design that really imparted extra strength with the good "overlap" of the tubing pieces. Additionally, it has a quality finish (looks like powder coating, but could be a thick and durable liquid paint), and includes a comfortable hold foam grip on the topmost section. The sectional design of the handle means that you can customize the length to your needs

Ruth T.
Female friendly

Do yourself a favor and buy one! Best tool for clearing out weeds In my yard!

Wanda J.
LUV it

Makes weeding quick and easy without lots of effort.