Self-Adhesive Leather

A Top Choice for Leather Repairing

Leather products are widely used in our daily life, but as time goes by, leather surfaces often damaged, crack, fade or damage caused by pet bites, due to daily wear, sweat stains, or high temperature caused by prolonged sunlight exposure.

It is pretty wasteful to ditch your leather items just because of little damage. Now we're here to end your worries, Self-Adhesive Leather is made for this, making it easy to solve all leather problems.

  • Abrasion Resistant, Scratch Resistant
  • Stain-proof, Waterproof, Oil Resistant
  • Available in many colors


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lauren J.

Works for me! A hand-me-down recliner from my parents. Cats were immediately destroyed. Bought this… Cat tried to claw the patched part… looked confused… took a nap.

Alan K.
Perfect match

This adhesive leather is a massive improvement.

Casey A.
Great quick fix

would recommend a quick fix. Our couch was pleather from rent-a-center, and the leather started to crack and peel on the headrest of the spot everyone likes. Slap some leather on it and it looks fine.

Judy H.
Saved my chair!

My lab had torn the leather strip on my chair trying to get to the UPS man. I had done various things trying to fix it and then ordered this. It is an exact match for my leather and fixed the issue completely.

Victoria L.
Would highly recommend

Great product for the money. The dog had made some holes in the couch. Color-matched well & tape is very sticky. Pretty pleased with the purchase