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Sweevly - Hydrogen Water Bottle

Sweevly - Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Sweevly - Hydrogen Water Bottle

Regular price $ 69.95
Sale price $ 69.95 Regular price $ 119.95
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Enhance Hydration & Heal Your Body

"These are not ordinary water bottles - they're a game-changer for your health and hydration routine."

Did you know 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, drinking only 2.5 cups a day? Fatigue, headaches, and lack of focus are more than just life's stressors – they are your body's cry for water.

Drinking hydrogen water can hydrate you faster, increase your energy, make you look younger, and feel better - all by keeping you maximally hydrated!

The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Hydration Routine

With hydrogen-rich water that has antioxidant properties, Hydrogen Bottle offers a convenient way to reduce inflammation, boost energy levels, and potentially improve cognitive function.

Clinical trials have even demonstrated that drinking three bottles of hydrogen water can provide antioxidant benefits equivalent to hundreds of fruits and vegetables.


Benefits Of Drinking Hydrogen Water

  • Balances pH Levels - Our bodies are naturally alkaline and hydrogen-rich water balances the alkalinity buffering the acidity we encounter from food, drinks, pollution, stress, etc.

  • Detox the Body - Our bodies accumulate various toxins (acidic waste) from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other impurities found in our food, water, and air. These toxins are flushed out of our system when drinking hydrogen-rich water.

  • Help Lose Weight - When we overeat acidic or junk food, our bodies convert the acidic waste into fat cells. Drinking hydrogen-rich water neutralizes this acidic waste, flushing it out rather than contributing to unwanted weight gain.

  • Boost the Immune System - Hydrogen water helps strengthen your immune system through the added anti-oxidants and vital nutrients it infuses in the water such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and calcium.

How It Works

Our hydrogen water bottles are easy to use - simply fill them with water, press the button, and wait a few minutes for the hydrogen to infuse, open, and enjoy!

This results in water enriched with hydrogen gas, offering enhanced antioxidant properties and healthier & cleaner water. Meanwhile, oxygen and other waste gases are safely vented.

Designed with the help of professional engineers

This hydrogen bottle has gone through 6 prototypes and was developed over 4 years of research & testing using the help of a renowned team of Environmental and Filtration Engineers.


  • Water Capacity: 14 oz
  • PPM: 1.6 PPM
  • PEM Technology: Yes
  • H2 Inhale Cannula: No
  • Smart Cleaning: No
  • Material: Glass & Stainless Steel
  • Hydrogen Cycle Time: 3 min

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is hydrogen water?
    Hydrogen water is simply water that has been infused with extra hydrogen molecules, turning ordinary H2O into a health-boosting drink.

    The ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) measures the ability of water to either release or accept electrons during a chemical reaction. Hydrogen water, being a potent antioxidant, has a negative ORP value, meaning it can effectively neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

    The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. While the pH of tap water can vary, hydrogen water typically leans towards being alkaline, offering several potential health benefits such as better hydration and improved metabolism.

    How does it taste?
    Although you will see bubbles rise in your bottle, the water does not have a "fizzy" taste like carbonated water. Hydrogen water tastes light, clean, and crisp - just like premium quality water, but with added health benefits!

    Which type of water can I use?

    You may use mineral, spring, distilled, or tap water with your Hydroh Bottle. It's designed to deliver hydrogen-rich water, regardless of the source.

    Do the filters need to be replaced?
    Our bottle has no parts or filters that need to be replaced. The filter lasts a lifetime.

    What is the hydrogen concentration?
    The hydrogen water bottle creates hydrogen water in two cycles. A 3-minute cycle yields a concentration of 1300ppb, while a 10-minute cycle produces an impressive 3000ppb concentration.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Jessica K.
    I've been able to survive some sleepless days by drinking hydrogen water.

    This item is experimental for me... I've used it for about 2 weeks now. The water it produces is very clean tasting!! I feel a lot better already and love using this device!!! 5 Stars!!!

    Sebastian P.

    This hydrogen water bottle changed the way I drink water, you can feel it cleansing your body if the toxins within a half hour of drinking a full glass of hydrogenated water. I will say don’t drink too much your first time around because it will cause some major bowel movements, but that being said that’s the way your body is purging some of the toxins. I have noticed I do feel a little more pep in my step when I stay hydrated with the hydrogen water bottle. This bottle makes a great gift for those thirsty water drinkers in your life.

    The sales support team does a wonderful job on helping with orders and helping you with whatever issues you have on your order. Great job!

    Ernie L.
    Awesome Hydrogen Bottle

    This hydrogen water bottle is simply amazing. I've only been using it a few weeks and I can already see a difference in my inflammation in my shoulder. This hydrogen bottle is so easy to use you just feel it push the power button and it charges in 3 minutes, you can see thousands of tiny hydrogen bubbles entering the water. That along with all the health benefits of hydrogen water made this purchase a no-brainer for me. I'm so glad I purchased this. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family.

    Lisa K.
    My water tastes better!

    I have to say, I am not a water drinker, at all! I have to force myself most of the time to drink it. However.... I am drinking plenty of this water, all day. I don't know if it is just me, (I don't think so) but the water tastes SO much better after cycling it through this bottle! I have not been using it long enough to notice any other benefits yet, but I have no doubt I will. I love this bottle! I have gone from almost zero water a day to probably drinking at least 8 to10 of these. And, I just started! This item is very well made.

    Maria K.
    This works

    Since I started drinking the hydrogen infused water my feet don’t swell anymore my skin looks great and I don’t get dehydrated anymore. Highly recommend