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Gravity Wedge Pillow

Gravity Wedge Pillow

Regular price $ 57.95 USD
Sale price $ 57.95 USD Regular price $ 93.95 USD
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Gravity Wedge Pillow

Regular price $ 57.95
Sale price $ 57.95 Regular price $ 93.95
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your sleep position is causing acid reflux

did you know that lying flat is the root cause?

Late night meals, eating certain fatty and spicy foods, being under lots of stress... All play a part in firey acid reflux at night! But most of us can't make the required huge lifestyle changes! The time, the money, the energy needed... it just isn't possible.

So we resort to heartburn medication, in hopes that the burning sensation goes away, and we can finally sleep. But it doesn't work... why?

Because it doesn't target the root cause! Sure, it takes the edge off and provides some initial relief. But as time passes, you'll continue to suffer, until you change your sleeping position!

Lying flat allows for stomach acid to spill out and damage the esophagus, causing nasty burning sensations. So by changing your sleeping position, and keeping your esophagus above your stomach, you're teaming up with gravity and preventing acid from spilling out!

And that's exactly what the Gravity Pillow is designed to do...

  • uses gravity to keep stomach acid away from the esophagus
  • increases head-of-bed elevation by 30 degrees
  • Enjoy well-deserved sleep without burning acid reflux keeping you awake

rediscover peaceful sleep with our innovative GED design.

gravity elevation dynamics = better digestion, no heartburn, quality rest.

The Gravity Wedge Pillow is designed to elevate your upper body just enough to keep stomach acid where it belongs...

In your stomach, not your throat.

This one's designed with the perfect angled incline and support to keep you comfortable all night while preventing acid reflux.

All to ensure peaceful and restorative sleep, free from the discomfort of acid reflux.

  • Encourages proper digestion and prevents acid from traveling up your throat
  • Made with comfortable, supportive materials that cradle you to sleep
  • Just place it on your bed, lie back, and wake up feeling refreshed and heartburn-free

Lie on it and feel how it naturally alleviates the pressure, making it easier than ever to sleep without the burn.

alleviates many health & sleep symptoms

is there anything a wedge pillow can’t do?

A wedge pillow has so many practical uses! Elevate your head while you sleep to reduce snoring, acid reflux (GERD), sleep apnea, and congestion. Alleviate neck and back pain when sleeping or sitting to read. Support your laptop or book while you work. Use it as a pregnancy pillow or wedge between your legs. Or prop your legs up to reduce swelling and improve circulation.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Debrah M.
Helped me a lot!

I have severe acid reflux and this is helped me sleep much better at night. Very comfortable.

Sandra M.
Really comfortable

This wedge pillow is really comfortable and helps keep GERD at bay.

Mike K.
Wonderful leg support pillow!

this pillow worked wonders for me after i had surgery and was having a really tough time getting comfortable while lying down. Works so so much better than a traditional triangle wedge pillow because it allows my legs to rest instead of bending and feeling cut off. Well worth the purchase! And hey, it has made to be an excellent prop when the wife and I are getting a little frisky in the bedroom! Maybe this should be advertised as a sexual wellness pillow too?

Nellie G.
Customer Service number one

My review is more based on the customer service that I received. I must say it was without a doubt some of the best customer service that I have ever experienced. The product was good too!

Adeline L.

The purchase was for my Wife as a helper for reflux at NOC. She loves and appreciates it as she doe not need to manage 5 individual pillows. She does however find herself sliding down in the bed a bit more than previously. Thanks for such a Great Product.