Flair Hair Sun Visor Cap

Rock out in unrivaled style with the iconic accessory, Flair Hair Sun Visor Cap! This 2-in-1 hat and wig are boldly styled in an eye-catching color.

Featuring a wide sun visor, this cap also protects your head from the heat. An adjustable band at the back that comfortably fit all head, perfect for both adults and kids. It’s durably made from realistic fibers and comes in multiple colors.

  • Flair Hair - A 2-in-1 hat and wig that’s boldly styled in an eye-catching color and look.
  • Sun Visor - This also protects your head from heat and sun exposure with style. 
  • Adjustable Fit - An adjustable band at the back allows it to fit most head sizes. 
  • Realistic Strands - The wig’s synthetic strands closely mimic real hair. 
  • Quality Material - Durably made from high-quality materials for long-time use. 
  • Multiple Colors - Available in different bold colors with frosted tips for the best match to your style.
  • Material: Cotton, Synthetic Fiber
  • Size: 12 cm x 7 cm or 4.7'' x 2.7''

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jennifer D.
Perfect hat wig!

Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2022
My husband and I attended a small gathering for a family member's birthday on a Duffy boat, theme everyone had to wear a wig! Super fun.. bought this for my husband! He loved it.. didn’t complain about being itchy…the hat wig is super easy to slip on and off… it was perfect!

Scott H.
Bought a Camaro

I was skeptical at first, not gonna lie. Well, I put it on and took a selfie and then for some reason was impelled to drive to a used car lot and trade in my car for a bright red convertible Camaro. The second I got behind the wheel I immediately started driving out, looking for America's Best Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. At the first one, I stopped at I sat down, took the visor off, looked at the mirror on the wall behind me, and realized that not only did this gift make me seek out great places to eat, but it also conveniently covered up that growing bald spot on the back of my head! Best gift I have received in... EVER!!So if you too want to go explore America's forgotten eateries (or just cover up that bald spot) then this is the item for you!!! Oh wait, what about my job??

Clifford T.
Everyone loves this cap!!

I wear this cap for almost everything' i.e. playing golf, shopping, etc. I have 4 caps in different colors and shades of hair and people all around me really like the hair!

James K.
What I was looking for.

I've had a lot of fun with this hat. I can't afford the cost of a hair transplant so this is the next best thing.

Nancy H.
Fun hat for my bald husband!!

He's loving that it actually matches his former hair. Even his friends have done double-takes.