Drain Cleaner - Toilet plunger clog remover

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№1 tool to blast away blockages

Unclogging toilets sinks, or sewer lines can be difficult and time-consuming. Drain Cleaner gives you a quick and easy way to eliminate debris that’s clogging all your pipes and drains.

This innovative drain cleaner is an all-around plunger and has high efficiency in removing pipe obstructions.

Handle all kinds of clogged pipes, just press the button

Drain Defender™ is ready to help you - get rid of clogs, wherever they are! No matter whether is it a toilet, sink, wash basin, or sewer line, this blaster can unblock anything in one shot. Drain Cleaner got 4 heads to do all kinds of work.

The eco-friendly device, that saves your money on plumber services

  • Save your budget on regular plungers, chemicals, snakes, or plumber services.

  • Easy to Operate - Equip the Blaster with the correct pump head, then press the button to release the powerful air pressure.

  • High-Pressure Mechanism sends powerful kicks that clear away debris from pipes and drainage. Clog-free pipes in one blow.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Taylor K.

There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this product. Definitely easy to assemble and easy to use.

Michelle K.
Awesome results

Wow !!!! I’m so happy I bought this !!!

Mike L.

This plunger is amazing! It works efficiently and effectively unclogs toilets. The quality of the product is top notch and it is built to last. Highly recommend!

Oscar Jast

Cleared most blockage

Steve Stanton

This item works like a charm