The CardSpeech - #1 Audible Flashcards For Children

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Learning vocabulary has never been more fun!

✔ Interactive, Fun & Educational
✔ Develops Language & Speech
✔ Improves Vocabulary & Memory

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

Instantly improve your child's vocabulary and speech with this ALL-NEW education toy! With over 200+ cards of animals, food, and more, the CardSpeech elevates your little one’s development with fun and interactive learning.

Promotes Development & Advanced Learning

This interactive toy strengthens the link between words, objects, and sounds, resulting in improved speech development!

With a few hours a week, this toy enhances your child’s cognitive ability, speech & hearing, and vocabulary.

Reduces Risk Of Speech Disorders

Early interactive learning with new words enhances language development & reduces stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria.

The CardSpeech is designed for your child’s success by providing endless joy and imaginative learning.

Easy To Play For Kids & Parents

1. Insert the card into the device

2. Device repeats the word and sound
3. Press the left button to repeat words and sound

This fun, the educational toy is guaranteed to awe your child and keep them entertained all day!

 You Are Your Child's First Teacher

✔ Give your child a headstart in life
✔ Improves literary & academic success
✔ Made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials. 100% safe for kids
✔ Lightweight, durable, and portable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of words are on the cards?
A: The words are common objects that toddlers and children interact with every day, such as fruits, objects, vehicles, and colors.

Q: How durable are the cards? Are they waterproof?
A: The cards are made with heavy-weight (350g) coated paper and laminated with thermoplastic film so that the cards are lightly waterproof and not so easy to be fold and tear up by kids

Q: What's the recommended age range?
A: The CardSpeech is perfect for children between the ages of 2-5 and older if they are speech impaired!

Q: How do I repeat the word multiple times?
A: Simply press the right-sided button to hear the word again! You can press it as many times as you want.

Q: How do I adjust the volume?
A: The volume button is located on the bottom left in front of the CardSpeech!

Q: How long can it be used on 1 charge?
A: The CardSpeech can be used for up to 4.5 hours with a single charge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Betty L.

It’s so cute and tiny perfect for my 2-year-old and it’s pretty loud and speaks clearly as you can tell in my video also when they’re no card and the child presses the replay button it says “no card there” or something like that lol but it’s was so easy for my daughter to use and do herself I just showed her once and she did it on her own.

Vivian S.

Got it as a birthday present for my 3-year-old son. He recently received an autism diagnosis and is nonverbal. He started adjusting and listening to each card right away. However, since there are so many cards included, I recommend taking out and setting aside the ones you know you won't need or find useful right away. I wholeheartedly endorse this product!

Danielle L.

I am in love with these activities and English practice cards. Part of my family lives in the United States. I bought these cards to help my children close the language gap with their cousins in Texas. We have been using the cards for months while we practiced weekly phone calls and the children are feeling more comfortable. I attribute it to the activities. I love that the device clearly says the words to repeat. The quality of the cards and the device is durable. My children haven't broken it. There are more than 200 words on the site that cross 12 different topics. This wide variety has greatly developed its vocabulary. The images on each card help to establish the connection to understand the word in both languages. I really love how portable this is too.

Michelle K.

Favorite toy for my toddler.

Alice K.

It goes through and reads each and every card. They may be inserted and removed with astonishing ease. You get a huge variety of playing cards. The fact that the volume can be changed is one of my favorite features.