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Sweevly Shoe Washing Bag

Sweevly Shoe Washing Bag

Regular price $ 29.97 USD
Sale price $ 29.97 USD Regular price $ 43.97 USD
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◉ Protects shoes during washing

◉ 1000+ brushes for thorough cleaning

◉ Works for all types of shoes

◉ Zero shoe damage


Sweevly Shoe Washing Bag

Regular price $ 29.97
Sale price $ 29.97 Regular price $ 43.97
SAVE 31% Sold out
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efficiently remove dirt from your shoes within minutes!

With 1,000 bristles and a secure lock design, ensure a comprehensive cleaning without risking water damage, fading, or loss of shape. Maintain your shoes' fresh appearance wash after wash. In just a few minutes, each shoe will regain its brand-new look!

  • These soft bristles will give a thorough massage to your shoes and will help you to clean better, easier and faster.

deep & fast cleaning with minimal effort

Our shoe bag guarantees easy, quick, and thorough cleaning for your footwear compared to conventional cleaning techniques. Just place your shoes inside, zip it closed, and allow the washing machine to take over. Add a washing pod or detergent powder, and choose the low heat or delicate setting for the cycle.

  • Double-layer mesh structure prevents large particles from leaking out to avoid damage to the washing machine

zero shoe damage, deformation, or color fading guaranteed

These bags protect your footwear against the common issues associated with washing machines and traditional cleaning techniques. With its uniquely designed structure and gentle bristles, it provides a protective barrier for your shoes, preventing fading, stretching, compression, and other potential damages.

  • High-quality zipper Not easy to slide open when washing

for all types and sizes of shoes

For running sneakers, everyday shoes, or children's footwear, simply slide them in, include your preferred cleaning agent, and select a gentle cycle on your machine. It's the effortless method to maintain the perfect condition of all your shoes, with no concerns about size or style compatibility.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jammie A.
been using it for months

I'm glad I made this purchase. This is a great product, super large bags. I've been using it for months and do plenty of laundry daily. Hold's shape and doesn't open during washing that's a plus for me.

Ludie A.
This is my 2nd purchase :D

Makes cleaning shoes a lot easier. I definitely recommend these.

Esther C.
Clean shoes perfectly!

The laundry bags were packaged and sealed well, the quality was good, and the zipper worked smoothly. They clean my shoes perfectly; all I need to do is put my shoes in the bags and wash them in the washer. What a relief!

Rayan H.
Heavy duty washing bags

We love these shoe bags. Keeps the shoes from beating up against the other more delicate items in the laundry. Holds 2 women's shoes, easily. With 2 bags you can still wash a pair of your family's largest shoes. Holds up nicely after our initial use. My wife has noted that it will hold several bras at one time; yes, you can certainly use these washing bags for other clothing items!

Shana A.
The product I didn't know I needed!

I have and will wash shoes. But even my "washable" shoes I bought at the beginning of this past summer took a beating from being washed (and according to the manufacture's directions) so many times. Today I washed a pair of cloth Hey Dudes in these bags, gentle cycle. First, they came out clean. Second, although this is their first wash, it's easy to see the construction of the bags will keep my shoes from the frays that have happened to my other shoes. The bags are large enough to house any size shoe, which is great. I'm very glad to have found these bags, and would absolutely recommend them.