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Portable Paw Pool
Melissa J.
Great for the backyard

About the pool itself--arrived as promised. It folds up much smaller than I anticipated which is good. The sides are sturdy; the pool bottom is thick enough that I am not worried about claws puncturing it and causing a leak. We have two dogs and occasional guest dogs. Our black dog now fully enjoys the outdoors since we got the pool. Before she would do her business and want to come back inside. Now, when she gets hot from the sun, she hops into the pool and cools off. It is great to see her enjoy the outdoors in summer.

Portable Paw Pool
Delfina K.
Strong enough to entertain my Rottweiler.

So far, it has been very sturdy. No punctures. No tipping. Easy to empty (which I do every night) and easy to fold or refill. It was a good purchase. It is a simple, well-thought-out product.

Worth every penny

I've got 3 large indoor dogs, but they still get a little funky... Professional grooming can be expensive, so I had a hot water option added to my outdoor hose connection so I could bathe them, myself, with warm water, when the weather is appropriate for outside bathing. It drains easily, and folds nearly flat when not in use. I highly recommend this product!

Adorable and made to last!

I just love these wooden Hummingbird houses. They are absolutely adorable. They are very sturdy, classy looking, and look like they are made to last! Just what I was looking for. I can't wait to see my hummingbirds use their new homes!

For my cat

I needed to cut an entrance for my cat in my garage door. Purchased this item. It came with saws for metal. This product is convenient and it utilized my drill. It cut the metal cover without any issue. My cat can now come in/out free himself.

Great housewarming gift

As the photo shows, they are very bright. We gave them as a housewarming gift and everyone loved them. The little children love seeing them all lit up.

Comfortable and very easy to use. I really like it.

Beyond adorable

How could I not purchase this planter, it's beyond adorable.

It’s over my expectations ! Love it!

I find it so cute! The material is very well made! Definitely worth its price. Gonna buy one more for my friend!

My daughter LOVED this mushroom. She lives in an apartment in Manhattan and it's perfect for planting a little plant in a tiny apartment. It looks just as described and exceeded my expectation.

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Heidi K.

My grandson loved it. First time in our pool. He laughed and giggled and kicked his little legs!

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Verla T.

I was beyond impressed with how well this worked for my 13month old. It offered the best support and positioning out of anything else I had ever used for my little ones. It fit very securely but still kept her incredible movable, it's truly an impressive device.
My baby was able to kick her back legs and quickly caught on that she was going places. It held her head upright very comfortably and we didn't have any issues with her accidentally swallowing any pool water. This is a must-have for little ones!!! Would be a great baby shower present since you can use it for many years. Truly a genius invention and deserves more stars!!!

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Elizabeth R.

This was well worth the money and wait! The first time we ordered it said undeliverable the day before it was suppose to get here, so we tried again and received it just fine. I am alone most of the time with 3 kids. This float gave me piece of mind that in an emergency I could help one of the other children and the infant would be fine for a moment. It was expensive but worth it because of the weight limit (baby can use it for more than one summer) and we have a pool (we're always in it).

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Jeanna H.

Fantastic! Worth the expense for me to have confidence with the baby in the pool. I have three older children to keep track of when swimming, and having a tiny baby in the pool isn't exactly the most relaxing experience for a mom. We are always on the lookout for trouble. This float is really well made and I feel very confident with it's design. I like that it is not inflatable. The foam inside is very dense. My baby is 3 months old and loves the water. She sits in it both belly down and belly up. Only small negative will be that the Kam snaps on the sun shade tend not to grip well.

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Justin L.

Everything it says it is and more! My daughter loves it and I love that I know she's safe.

MamboBaby - Smart Swim Trainer
Meghan K.

Absolutely love this float! My son(6months) was so calm and relaxed floating around the pool and kicking. He's long and skinny but this fit on him pretty well with some extra tightening! He was definitely living the good life in this thing especially when I had his canopy hooked up and the breeze would just pull him around the pool. He ALMOST fell asleep until his 2 year old cousin splashed him. Not to mention HOW WELL THIS THING FLOATS!! My nephew and myself were holding on at one point in the deep end and it didn't lean at all. Even with big choppy waves the water cane no where near his face as he giggles away! I love it. He loves and his grandparents love it as well as the shark design lol we tried a few other brands with the blow up neck float and he was not fond of dangling into the water whatsoever.

Portable Kids Soccer Net
Michelle F.
Good quality and great fun

I bought these nets for my boys to use outside while playing soccer. They are really easy to set up and takedown. I would definitely recommend it and would gladly purchase it again.

Automatic Chicken Water Cup
Tara L.
Works for ducks and chickens

The chickens and ducks both easily drink from the decent-sized cups. Really easy to put together.

Automatic Chicken Water Cup
Shaun J.

If I could give these cups 10 stars it still wouldn’t do them justice.I have purchased every drinker cup on the market which all turned out to be rubbish. these cups work flawlessly filling up with fresh water every time with no problems so well worth the money I just wish I’d bought these sooner they are brilliant don’t waste your money on any other cup buy these you won’t be disappointed

Candle holder guardian angel

I love angels and I don't have anything like this that's why I got it. I put a battery tealight inside instead of a real one. Thanks so much ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for this beautiful necklace! Everything was sent with care and love :)

I absolutely love my spoons. Beautifully made. Thank you for sharing your artistic gift with the world. I wish you many sales to come.

These are adorable! And look just like the picture.. Packaging was perfectly secure and nothing was damaged. Would make a cute gift! Thank you!

Great gift

It is so cute! Seems well made and should last. Thanks for the prompt service!

Adorable for air plants

This planter is by far one of my favorites! I have a small Tillandsia Streptophylla in the top part and it is so cute! I highly recommend this for all small plants and it is perfect for air plants! LOVE it!