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The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

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✔ Ultimate guidance to herbal medicine

✔ 500+ herbal remedies

✔ Harvesting & Drying guidance


The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies

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Discover the healing power of plants🌿

This unique book is written by Dr. Nicole Apelian - an herbalist with over 28 years of experience working with plants, and Claude Davis, a Wild West expert passionate about the lost remedies and wild edibles that kept previous generations alive.

  • This book was made for people with no prior plant knowledge who are looking for alternative ways to help themselves or their families.

550 powerful natural remedies for daily needs

Many of these remedies had been used by our forefathers for hundreds of years, while others come from Dr. Nicole’s extensive natural practice.

The book has color pictures of over 181 healing plants, lichens, and mushrooms (2-4 pictures/plant for easy identification).

How to Harvest

The “How to Harvest” section gives instructions for harvesting and drying herbs and making simple herbal preparations such as infusions, salves, and poultices.

  • 93% of readers saw massive improvements in their health within just one month of implementing the natural remedies.

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The "Painkilling Plant" That Grows in Most Backyards

For example, this is one of the plants you’ll find in The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies. If it looks familiar that's because it grows in most backyards, and most people weed it out. But what they probably don’t know is that this plant contains a milky substance called lactucarium which acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain

Inside the book you’ll find full instructions on how to turn it into an extract that you can use whenever you are in need.

The Leaf People Should Place In Their Shoes

You’ll also find out the plant that boosts your energy and relieves foot pain when you wear it inside your shoes.

The Plant You Should Add To Your Salads for Erratic Blood Sugar

Chances are you've come across this plant growing in sidewalk cracks, but probably not in a salad. It may look like Arugula, but it's not. In fact it's much more nutritious and it also contains an essential trace mineral called Chromium that helps the pancreas.

Chromium is extremely rare nowadays because of the food processing methods that remove most of the naturally occurring chromium from foods. Maybe this is one of the reasons why so many afflictions are so common today, but 100 years ago they rarely affected our forefathers.

3 Powerful Remedies To Keep On Hand

On Page 146, 85 and 224, you will learn 3 powerful remedies that are easy to make, and that you should always have around. Between them, these remedies cover a lot of needs.  

The Most Sought Out Plant in a Crisis

You will find the common US driveway plant that has become the most expensive and sought out plant in Venezuela after the pharmacies ran dry.

What Happens When You Pour Salt into a Cabbage?

On page 54, you’ll find out the interesting thing that happens when you pour salt into a cabbage.The end result you'll get by fermentation - called Sauerkraut - is full of probiotics that protect your digestive tract, regulating bowel movements and in many cases preventing both diarrhea and constipation.

Use This Recipe If You're Losing Hair

Page 128: Gather a handful of rosemary sprigs and cover them with water inside a pot.

Let everything boil on low heat for three hours. Cool off and then strain the rosemary-infused water.

Pour it into a spray bottle and spray on your scalp and hair after you wash it. Massage it gently.

That’s it, no need to rinse it off. Use it twice a week until you see visible results.

results are in.

see how The Lost Book has improved the life of over 13,500+ customers.


reported massive improvements in their health within just one month of implementing the natural remedies


gain an intensive knowledge of herbal remedies, harvesting and drying


reported far less side effects compared to over the counter medications

*based on customers reviews

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frequently asked questions

What diseases or conditions are these remedies for?

The book offers a comprehensive collection of natural remedies, over 500, to address various health issues, including (but not limited to):

Alcoholism, Acne, Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Anemia Natural Antibiotic/Antibacterial, Anti-fungal Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-virals, Anxiety, Appetite, Stimulation, Arthritis, Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases, Bloating, Bleeding, external & internal Blood clotting, Blood Pressure high & low, Control Blood Sugar, Natural Blood Thinner, Bronchitis Burns, Back Pain, Joints Pain, Hair loss, Cancer, Respiratory Issues and Lungs, Male issues, Liver, Gallbladder, and Spleen diseases, Infectious Diseases, Immune System, Heart and Circulatory System, Drug Addiction, Female issues, Ear, Eyes, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Crohn’s Disease, Nerve Pain, Seizures..

Can I grow my own herbs to use in the remedies?

Absolutely! Growing your own herbs can be a rewarding way to ensure a fresh and sustainable supply of ingredients for herbal remedies. The book includes tips on growing and harvesting herbs, as well as guidance on which herbs are suitable for growing indoors or outdoors depending on your location and climate.

Are the remedies suitable for vegetarians & vegans?

Many of the herbal remedies in the book are plant-based and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

However, some recipes may include ingredients such as honey or gelatin capsules that are not vegan-friendly.

The book provides alternatives when possible, and readers can adapt recipes to fit their dietary preferences.

Can I use the remedies if I have allergies or sensitivities?

Individuals with allergies or sensitivities should exercise caution when using herbal remedies, as some herbs may trigger allergic reactions. It's essential to read ingredient labels carefully and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about potential allergens.

What if I don't see improvements?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you haven't seen improvements within the first 30 days. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch, and we'll make it right!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
David K.

This book is amazing. It's full useful info. I was flipping through it just looking & I already found plants I have in my backyard I could use in my home remedies. I love there are more than one picture of the plants & the pictures are in color. Will make identifying these plants a lot easier.

Janice K.
Tons of information

I am really enjoying this book. So many of the plants talked about are right in my back yard. I also like that she explains how to extract in multiple ways and which way works best with each plant. It's also explained in a way that is easy to understand which has made me more comfortable trying new things, like the amaranth gargle on page 152.

Tina S.
Very informative book!

I am very happy with this book. Very informative with nice sized text and color pictures. If you are interested in learning about herbs and their medicinal use.. this is the perfect book!

Erica O.
This is an awesome book!

Very detailed and a great variety. Most comprehensive book that I have found. Easy to read and understand. My nutritionist recommended this book and I love it. ❤️

Deborah P.

as someone who is starting out in their spiritual journey, and wanting to go to a more herbal natural route in life, I have absolutely loved this book. It has helped out so much and has literally an herb for any and everything. I love to just sit down and read this book. It is so informational. It doesn’t just tell you what herbs are needed but it also gives you many ways on how to use herbs in your life, such as tea’s, powder, oil, how to grow them, etc.